Crysta-Apex C Series 191-Standard CNC CMM

Crysta-Apex C Series 191-Standard CNC CMM
Crysta-Apex C Series 191-Standard CNC CMM

Series 191

Engineered and constructed utilizing Mitutoyo¡¯s innovative CNC CMM technology, Crysta-Apex features lightweight materials and a stable structure. The result is a design that provides high travel stability, high accuracy, and affordability. The temperature correction function 60.8˚F to 78.8˚F (16˚C to 26˚C ) can yield accurate measurements even on the shop floor. In addition to the point-to-point measurement, the MPP-100 and a Laser Probe provide contact/non-contact scanning function.

Technical Data
Length standard: High accuracy linear encoder
Guide system: Air bearing
Max. drive speed: 520mm/sec
Max. acceleration: 0.23G (500, 700, 900 Series)
0.17G (1200, 1600, 2000 Series 9108, 9168, 9208)

Air pressure: 0.4MPa
Air consumption: 50L/min (500 series)
60L/min (700, 900 series)
100L/min (1200 series)
150L/min (1600, 2000 series)

*When using temperature compensation system.
ISO10360-2:2001 & ISO 10360-4 Probe system used: SP25M with ø4 x 50mm stylus L: Measuring length (mm)
***Guaranteed accuracy temperature range: 60.8˚F-78.8˚F(16°C - 26°C)
**Guaranteed accuracy temperature range: 64.4˚F-71.6˚F(18°C - 22°C).
Main Unit
Startup System

This machine incorporates a startup system
(relocation detection system),which disables operation when
an unexpected vibration is applied or the machine is
relocated.Be sure to contact your nearest Mitutoyo
prior to relocating this machine after initial installation.

Model NoCRT-Apex C9166CRT-Apex C9206CRT-Apex C9108
X-axis0-35.62in 0-905mm0-35.62in 0-905mm0-35.62in 0-905mm
Y-axis0-63.18in 0-1605mm0-78.93in 0-2005mm0-39.56in 0-1005mm
Z-axis0-23.81in 0-605mm0-23.81in 0-605mm0-31.69in 0-805mm
Resolution.000004in 0.0001mm.000004in 0.0001mm.000004in 0.0001mm
Work Table Size42.51x91.33in 1080x2320mm42.51x107.0in 1080x2720mm42.51x67.71in 1080x1720mm
Tapped InsertM8x1.25mmM8x1.25mmM8x1.25mm
Workpiece Hght31.49in 800mm31.49in 800mm39.36in 1000mm
Workpiece load3306lbs 1500kg3968lbs 1800kg2645lbs 1200kg
Mass(main unit)6322lbs 2868kg8624lbs 3912kg4984lbs 2261kg
Dimensions65.74x105.9x107.48in 1670x2690x2730mm65.74x121.65x107.48in 1670x3090x2730mm65.74x76.77x123.22in 1670x1950x3130mm
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