CP Series 355-Horizontal-arm Type Manual CMM

CP Series 355-Horizontal-arm Type Manual CMM
Series 355

  • Operating Convenience
    The user makes a measurement by simply operating the X, Y, and Z control wheels to bring the touch-trigger probe into contact with target points on the workpiece.
  • Measuring Large Workpieces
    Large workpieces that exceed the measuring range of the CP1057 can be measured, indirectly, by moving the CP1057's main unit along the surface plate and linking the measurement results obtained before and after movement.
  • A Choice of Probes
    Various probes are available for the CP1057, such as a point probe that can be used for scribed line pointing measurements, in addition to the standard touch-trigger probe.
  • Temperature Compensation System (Option)
    An optional temperature compensation system can be installed in the CP1057 to ensure measuring accuracy is maintained over a wide temperature range 59 ºF - 86 ºF (15ºC to 30 ºC).

    * The machine is equipped with the temperature compensation system
    Conformed standard: ISO10360-2 Probe system used: TP20 L: Measuring length (mm)
  • Model No. CP1057
    X-Axis 0- 39.37in 0-1000mm
    Y-Axis 0-19.69in 0-500mm
    Z-Axis 0-29.53in 0-750mm
    Resolution .00002in 0.0005mm
    Accuracy E-(15+10L1000)µm
    Probe positioning Manual via control wheels
    Air Supply Pressure0.4MPa
    Consumption 40L/min
    Mass (main unit) 495lbs 225kg
    Dimensions 61.22x72.05x36.65in 1555x1830x931mm

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