CARBstrato/CARBapex Series 355-Car Body Measuring System

CARBstrato/CARBapex Series 355-Car Body Measuring System
Series 355

Technical Data
Length standard: High accuracy linear encoder
Guide system: Air bearing (Y and Z) Linear Guide (X)
Max. drive speed: 866mm/sec (CARBstrato) / 519mm/sec (CARBapex)
Max. acceleration: 0.2G (CARBstrato) / 0.1G (CARBapex)

Guaranteed accuracy temperature environment*
Temperature range=60.8 F- 78.8 F 16 C - 26 C
Temperature change Per- hour1.0K-Per 24 hours-5.0K
Temperature gradient
*When using temperature compensation system.
Main Unit
Startup System

This machine incorporates a startup system
(relocation detection system),which disables operation when
an unexpected vibration is applied or the machine is
relocated.Be sure to contact your nearest Mitutoyo
prior to relocating this machine after initial installation.
X-Axis Range 0-236.22in 0-6000mm0-236.22in 0-6000mm
Y-Axis Range 0-62.99in 0-1600mm0-62.99in 0-1600mm
Z-Axis Range 0-94.49in 0-2400mm0-94.49in 0-2400mm
Dimensions155.63x176.10x288.35in 3953x4473x7324mm144.54x163.19x275.59in 3666x4145x7000mm
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